Program Applicants

Thank you for your interest in the Scientist in Residence Program! One scientist collaborates with two teachers at each participating school; they form a partnership to plan, develop, deliver, and document six hands-on science lessons on a specific theme. They meet each other and begin their partnership at the program’s Orientation Meeting which takes place in autumn. Lesson development begins in the autumn, lessons are co-delivered to students in the winter or spring, and lesson plans are documented in written format for posting on this website. Scientists source science supplies for classroom lessons and field trips. Scientists also set up activities/experiments and clean-up with help from teachers as needed. Scientists each receive an honorarium and teachers can arrange for planning time. The program provides up to $1,000 in flexible funding for each partnership to cover field trip costs and/or science supplies for the school to keep.

Applications from teacher-teams and scientists will be accepted at any time, but applications must be submitted by May 1st to be considered for the following school year. Applications will be kept on file for consideration during subsequent school years if applicants are not initially selected.

Teacher Applicants: It is best to apply to the program with a partner teacher who teaches the same grade or a closely related grade.

Scientist Applicants: Applications are accepted from scientists who have a graduate degree in a scientific field or are close to finishing their M.Sc. degree. We prefer that you have some prior experience doing hands-on science with children or visiting elementary school classrooms. Opportunities exist to gain this experience as a volunteer with the Scientist in Residence Program.

For additional information, please contact ([email protected]) info (at) scientistinresidence (dot) ca.

To apply to the program, please download the appropriate application form, fill it out, and return it as an email attachment to ([email protected]) info (at) scientistinresidence (dot) ca. Thank you!