Scientists and teachers work together to develop and deliver science units comprised of hands-on lessons on specific themes. There is a major focus on the experimental process of science. The lesson plans fit the BC Ministry of Education Science Curriculum for grades K to 7. Opportunities are created to link lessons to other areas of the curriculum, such as math, fine arts, English and French language arts, social responsibility, and First Nations people. Some lessons focus on issues facing society such as marine pollution, climate change, soil erosion, biodiversity, and the importance of protecting the environment and ecosystems.

Forty-three science units have been developed during the Scientist in Residence Program and are organized within four curriculum areas (Life Science; Physical Science; Space Science; Earth Science). More than 322 science lesson plans are available for download as PDF documents. These include lesson plans for field trips, thereby extending learning in natural environments. Please scroll down to view the titles of science units for each curriculum area, and click on science unit titles to view and download individual science lesson plans. If required by your browser, please enable Scripts to download documents from this web site. New science lesson plans will be posted on this website as they become available.

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