Students share their thoughts:

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The best thing about the Scientist in Residence Program was the forest. It was special because I had never gone into a real forest. I was surprised because I saw fungi.

Piers, grade 2

Let me tell you about sea life. Sea life is interesting because there are lots of sea animals. I felt excited because I found a sea star and discovered sea urchins.

Arsham, grade 3

We had fun. We learned a lot from you. These were the best memories of my life.  Catriona did you know that barnacles stick on rocks? I learned this from you. We will miss you Catriona.

Joanah, grade 3

We started with a seed. The seed grew into a seedling. The seedling grew into an adult plant with flowers. I feel happy. Thank you.

Alex, grade 3

I had tons of fun and learned so much that I almost burst my brain. I think it is a wonderful experience for all children to enjoy.

Cordelia, grade 4

I saw the powerful microscopes and I was very interested. I discovered that algae are plants. The plant life was very interesting.

Bryce, grade 3

The thing that is special about having a scientist in residence in our class is that we learned a lot about taking care of the environment.

Griffen, grade 5

I’m very happy that our class got the opportunity to participate in the Scientist in Residence Program. Making plastic was fun. I learned about bioplastic and I learned about crude oil.

Harneet, grade 5

I really like the Scientist in Residence Program because now I know how to save the World! Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

Elizabeth, grade 4

Our scientist in residence inspired all of us to be scientists.

Sophie and Rebecca, grades 4 and 5.

I want to thank our scientist (Linda) for teaching us. She made science one of my interests. I used to think ‘Oh, science is boring’. But, now it’s really cool to me! I hope we can have this experience again!

Nerve racking

Kylie, grade 5

I had lots of fun with the Scientist in Residence Program. I liked making bridges and towers. I learned that plasticine is not a good fastener.

Cole, grade 4

I think I am a good observer.

Dorry, grade 7

I wonder if there would be an experiment that I can be the first to find the answer to.

Diana, grade 6